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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
2 hour ago - NPR
During a visit to Kiev, Vice President Joe Biden warned Russia that it must help to reduce tensions in Ukraine. A recent international agreement intended to disarm militant groups seems to be failing.
2 hour ago - Yahoo! News
WASHINGTON (AP) — Supreme Court justices debated Tuesday whether they can side with broadcasters in a copyright challenge to an Internet startup company without threatening the burgeoning world of cloud computing.
2 hour ago - NY Times / Andrew Roth
At a funeral for three men killed at a checkpoint, residents of the pro-Russian city of Slovyansk, Ukraine, held leaders in Kiev responsible for the deaths.
2 hour ago - NPR
Divers have found no air pockets where passengers might have taken refuge. They have, however, retrieved more bodies. The number of confirmed deaths has topped 150. An equal number remain missing.
2 hour ago - NY Times / Rick Gladstone
The unconfirmed reports of the weapons came as international monitors said that nearly 90 percent of the chemicals in Syria’s arsenal had now been exported.
2 hour ago - Reuters
KAMPALA (Reuters) - Uganda's army, backing its neighbor South Sudan against a four-month-old rebellion, said on Wednesday U.N. peacekeepers should have done more to stop insurgents slaughtering hundreds of civilians there last week.
2 hour ago - msnbc.com: Top msnbc.com headlines
Ukraine's acting president ordered security forces to resume operations in the country's east on Tuesday after the bodies of two people allegedly abducted by pro-Russia insurgents were found and a military aircraft was reportedly hit by gunfire . . .
2 hour ago - NY Times / Michelle Innis
An exhaustive search in the Indian Ocean has still failed to turn up any sign of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.
2 hour ago - LA Times / Amina Khan
The mysterious "bio-duck" sounds in the ocean that have baffled seafarers for decades are actually calls from unseen populations of minke whales, scientists say. The discovery detailed in the journal Biology Letters will allow researchers to be . . .
2 hour ago - Latest Politic
As search poised to look deeper in Indian Ocean, "materials" washed up near Perth scrutinized for possible link to missing Malaysia Airlines jet
3 hour ago - NPR
The Safe Carry Protection Act, known to critics as the "Guns Everywhere Bill," was signed into law by Gov. Nathan Deal. It is considered among the most permissive such measures in the country.
3 hour ago - feeds.nbcnews.com
Scientists are monitoring an iceberg roughly six times the size of Manhattan -- one of the largest now in existence -- that broke off from an Antarctic glacier and is heading into the open ocean.
3 hour ago - CNN.com
A convicted killer interrupts a relative of the victim during sentencing, prompting a Michigan judge to erupt in court.
3 hour ago - Yahoo! News
ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Airbnb has urged a New York judge to reject a subpoena for information about those using the global website to offer apartment rentals in New York City, its attorney calling that "a fishing expedition."
3 hour ago - CNN.com
Is it possible to eat meat in modern-day America, consider yourself an environmentalist and sleep soundly without being a hypocrite?
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